The Standard Model (Abandoned)

The Standard Model in physics is not a thing, it is an idea. Actually, it is a bunch of ideas organized in way to help us understand from a scientific point of view, what the world/universe or even a cup of tea is made of. It serves as a stepping off place from an alphabet of everything we know about the building blocks of matter and energy. From it, come some very basic questions: How did the universe begin? What is matter? Force? What is holding this all together?

From the Big Bang Theory to the search for an elusive bit of matter called the Higgs-Boson particle, otherwise known as the "God particle".  Purely a poetic description, this name and others such as Grand Unified Theory and The Theory Of Everything, are subject to interpretation and resonate with other belief systems, some beliefs as ancient as mankind. I love these contrasts and I believe my sculpture, The Standard Model (Abandoned)  created in 1989, still has a place all it's own.

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